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Melissa Wasserfall in Eka Pada Sirsasana B pose
Class Descriptions

*Mysore * Led Primary Series * Vinyasa Flow * Mom and Baby Yoga * Baby Massage * Ashtanga mixed level * Second Series * Prenatal Yoga *

If you are unsure of what class to take please feel free to contact us. All asanas can be modified to suit individuals.

Ashtanga Foundation - Level 1 (Preregistered):

NEXT COURSE :Sept 8 - Oct 13 2014

This class is suitable for complete beginners or for practitioners of other styles of yoga wishing to experience the Ashtanga style. It runs as a 6 week course, introducing all the elements and foundation of the Ashtanga practice, including Ujayyi breath, the two sun salutations, standing postures and finishing sequence. The course aims to equip you to build your practice safely, whether you choose to continue at home or at the studio. You can make up classes if you have to miss one during the course. Please note that Ashtanga yoga may not be suitable if you are over 60 or have had recent major surgery. Please contact us with any concerns. Cost $75.60 for 6 weeks , $63 for students and seniors. Please phone Melissa on 780 660 0713 to register.

Ashtanga Foundation - Level 2

Ongoing class-join anytime

This class continues on from the foundation course. In this class we learn the seated postures of the primary series. Each week we introduce you to new seated asanas (postures) and aim to build your strength, stamina and knowledge. It introduces the vinyasa system, the foundation of the Ashtanga method.

Ashtanga all levels - Level 3 ( drop in)

Ongoing, you can join this class at any time.

This class runs as an ongoing learning class, exploring and learning the primary series asanas. We usually do full primary series practice. We introduce you to more advanced asanas and prepare you for self practice, Mysore style.


These classes are drop in - you can attend as many as you wish per week, usually people build up to a 5 and 6 day a week daily practice. We do prefer you to have at least done the Ashtanga Foundation course, or have an established practice before joining this class, but it's not strictly neccessary. This style of class allows you to explore the series at your own pace, spending more time on challenging postures and enjoying one to one tuition. There is a strong focus on adjustments from the teacher, and strength building techniques. This is the traditional way of practicing in Mysore, India. PLEASE NOTE-FREE PASSES NOT ACCEPTED FOR THIS CLASS UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ESTABLISHED ASHTANGA PRACTICE.

Ashtanga Methods and Techniques: TBA

This class aims to help you to develop tools to approach the more challenging asanas such as headstands, handstands and drop backs. These classes are run as mini workshops with a focus on different aspects / asanas. Not suitable for complete beginners.

Ashtanga Led Primary Series:

A spoken class leading you as a group through the full Primary Series, with Sanskrit counting and adjustments.

Ashtanga Second Series Foundation (Preregistered)TBA

This 4 week course introduces you to the second series and allows you to explore the first part of this dynamic series. It gives you the tools to start a self practice or add on to your existing primary series practice, with a strong focus on Bandhas and strength.

Vinyasa Flow :

This class follows the format of the Ashtanga style but uses different asanas to create a balanced flow of strength, flexibility, sweat and rest. Suitable for all levels.

Pre Teens, Teens and Moms

Ongoing, you can join this class at any time.

This class is for pre teens, teens and moms who wish to join their daughters in doing a vinyasa flow style yoga class together.We offer the class for 11-17 year olds with or without their moms. A 6 class pass may be purchased with a 10 % discount for siblings. This pass can be used within an 8 week period.

Prenatal Yoga:(Preregister by purchasing a 6 class pass which you can use as a drop in pass too)

Start anytime-Drop in

An ongoing yoga class for women who wish to try yoga for the first time or keep their existing practice going throughout pregnancy. The classes focus on breathing techniques, strength building and maintaining flexibility as well as providing helpful information on pregnancy, labour and childbirth. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Fitmama Yoga (Preregistered):Ongoing

.Cost $63 for a 6 week period - start anytime- Current session resumes Jan 6 2014. Drop ins welcome

An ongoing 6 week pre-registered class for post natal women to rebuild abdominal, pelvic and overall strength. Babies welcome to this class No prior yoga experience is necessary. Suitable from 6 weeks postpartum. Also a fun class designed to introduce your baby to yoga - yes, babies can do yoga and are usually more flexible than us! We use songs and fun movements and yoga techniques which can assist common baby complaints, such as colic and fretfulness. But most of all to have fun in a sociable and welcoming setting.

Yin Yoga

A wonderfully restorative and quiet yoga practice with a focus on hip opening asanas. This class is suitable for people recovering from injury, for beginners to yoga, and for those looking for a restorative yoga practice. This style of yoga is very complementary to other styles of yoga, particularly Ashtanga yoga.

Yogakids: Ongoing, register for 6 weeks $60 10% discount for second siblings

A wonderful, nurturing ,inspiring yoga class where new friends are made and new discoveries abound! Ages 4 to 9 years Time: 3:45 to 4:45pm Mondays and 3:30-4:30pm Thursdays. Please call to register.Next session starts Jan 13 2014

A wonderful class for children to explore their creativity and physicality in a non competitive environment.

Baby Massage:

Next workshop TBA. A class teaching you techniques to give your baby a wonderfully relaxing massage. We incorporate swedish and indian massage techniques as well as some reflexology and shiatsu. Notes, oil and towels are provided. The class lasts approximately 2 hours and the cost is $25. This class needs to be pre-booked. Please contact us if you are interested.

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