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About Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a comprehensive method of yoga which consists of set sequences of asanas (postures) designed to progress the student in accordance with the opening of their bodies and awareness. Everyone starts with the primary series or Yoga Chikitsa and when the student is ready they progress on to second series or Nadi Shodhana. The student will then progress further into more complex series under a certified instructor.

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In our classes we start with structured 6 week courses consisting of one class per week to introduce the vital foundations of Ashtanga yoga. This is to build a solid understanding for the student and to help them progress safely and without injury on to the next level.

The first course consists of learning the sun salutations and the standing postures. The student can then either repeat the first course or if they are ready progress to the second course which consists of the seated postures of the primary series. Again, this can be repeated or the student may be ready to move on to the third course which covers the remainder of the primary series. From this point the student can decide whether they are happy with a once a week practice or whether they wish to start working towards a daily yoga practice.

We believe in practicing primary and second series in sequence after certain primary series postures ( marichyasana d, supta kurmasana and standing up from drop backs) have been attained as, from our experience, this progresses the student safely through all the stages of the body's opening.

In addition to classes we also offer private lessons, workshops and full body assessments.


I came to this yoga practice with many old injuries and physical limitations and through staying with the practice consistently over the past 12 years have been able to overcome many things I thought impossible. I really believe in this practice as a way not only to overcome physical injury but as a way to liberate mind, body and spirit. This practice keeps me honest in many ways and has allowed me to become kinder, more patient and more relaxed about life. As a teacher, I keep learning. I did not start yoga with any intention of teaching it but have found that my love for it has grown so much over the years that it became a natural extension to start to teach it. I have completed many teacher trainings over the years with various esteemed teachers and spent almost a year in India studying the practice as well as the philosophy of yoga. My main teacher has been Sri K.Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, the father of Ashtanga yoga. I believe in unearthing the potential of each student through the rigour and discipline of this practice and guiding each student to a place of independence and self knowledge within this Ashtanga yoga practice. I believe that community is an integral part of a yoga studio and genuinely care about each student at the studio. I believe that it is best to have one consistent teacher to lead you daily through the ashtanga yoga system, while continuing to learn from Authorised and Certified teachers when possible. I believe in teaching correct techniques to enable a lifelong safe practice. I believe that yoga students are naturally drawn to the Ashtanga practice due to it's deep meditative quality and are able to find their genuine inner connection through the Mysore style of self practice, which forms the core of our classes. I believe that humans have the intelligence to find inner truth without spiritual dogma. Yoga allows me to be a better mother, wife, and person. I love the tradition of Ashtanga yoga and honour it's lineage from Patanjali to Krishnamacharya to Guruji to Sharath. Very surprising for a non traditional person. Many current teachers inspire me in my daily practice and my children inspire me to try to find the time for daily practice!

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